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About Environmental Hoarding

Marco Pitt, Senior Travelers, Italy

22 March 2016

What is environmental construction hoarding?

Everything you need to know about North America’s new temporary hoarding system.

Environmental Hoarding – while the term is still a novelty in North America, Environmental Hoarding systems have been the standard used in temporary construction hoarding for years in Europe, Asia and Australia. In this article, we’ll aim to answer some of the most common questions regarding Environmental Hoarding.

So what is Environmental Hoarding exactly?

Simply put, it is panels made of recycled plastics, mounted on a robust fence system, all secured together by clamps and joiners. What makes it “Environmental” is that it can be used over and over again and can be fully recycled at its end-of-life.

How is Environmental Hoarding any different than regular plywood or drywall hoarding?

First of all, the Greenloc panels are simply “clicked” together and work in a modular system, which makes the installation process a breeze compared to traditional hoarding systems. The time and cost savings are evident every step of the way. The Environmental Hoarding panels are stripped of their graphics (if any), unmounted and stored until needed again.

It’s green, it’s new and it’s here to stay. But why should I consider it for my next construction project?

Here are 6 reasons why Environmental Hoarding is the future of temporary hoarding in North America.

  1. It is the safer choice. Unlike plywood hoarding, the Greenloc panels will never have dangerous metal nails sticking out or sharp wooden edges that can injure workers or pedestrians. Not to mention, the panels are considerably lighter than plywood, yet are extremely well secured to resist strong winds and impacts.
  2. Double the advertising space. Hoarding represents one of the primary mediums of advertising your latest construction projects. With that in mind, imagine having your graphics displayed on twice the advertising space, to stand out even more in front of thousands of pedestrians. The Greenloc panels have a height of 16.5 ft and can be adjusted to 8 ft, 10 ft or any special height requirement.
  3. It is the cleaner choiceThe panels can be safely used in areas where high standards of hygiene are required since they can be easily disinfected and wiped clean. Unlike drywall, Environmental Hoarding does not leave any dust and debris behind.
  4. It is environmentally friendly. At the end of the project, the panels can be stored and reused, instead of ending up in the landfill. At the end of their life cycle, the panels are recycled into new hoarding or given a new purpose. Environmental Hoarding panels can easily last 10 years if stored properly.
  5. Reduce installation time. Environmental Hoarding does not require skilled workers and intensive labor to be installed. Watch this video to see how simple it can be to install Environmental Hoarding.
  6. Reduce costs. Reusing the Environmental Hoarding will reduce costs associated with labor, waste disposal and materials.

Wrapping it up…

With Toronto and other major North American cities becoming the hubs of high rise construction and continuous renovations, the construction industry is leaning towards greener choices, improved standards of quality and safer practices. And when it comes to meeting all of these needs, Environmental Hoarding is becoming the new standard in temporary construction hoarding.

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