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Bridging business and culture through public art

How rethinking construction hoarding will beautify Toronto’s streetscape

Over recent years, Toronto’s rapid expansion brought with it new condos and developments, and, along with it, a new class of public art that’s meant to relieve the eyesore of messy construction sites.

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New choice in construction hoarding

BOLTON, ONTARIO, CANADA − (April 30, 2018) − Stable in harsh weather, reusable and recyclable, and an attractive addition to city streets, Greenloc Environmental Hoarding is starting to spring up on construction sites across North America.

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Construction hoarding design tips

The main purpose of construction hoarding is to shield the construction work that is happening behind the hoarding from the public. In time, construction hoarding started to double as a billboard for the upcoming project.

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The importance of construction site noise barriers

The importance of construction site noise barriers According to the City of Toronto, construction site noise has been one of the main sources of noise complaints in Toronto[1]. It is well known that noise can have a disruptive effect on the neighborhood and, in time,...

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