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CHANDOS for Earls Restaurant

A stylish patio renovation
Toronto, ON





The Greenloc team worked closely with Chandos in order to make sure that all the custom requirements of the project are met. The main challenge was to find a solution in order to prevent any of the patio’s steel columns and ironwork from being scratched or damaged during the hoarding installation. As a result, the Greenloc team wrapped all the ironwork in Styrofoam during installation.

Another challenge was that we could not drill into the patio stone. In order to overcome this, the Greenloc system was installed using an engineer approved scaffold structure in order to support the hoarding.

Located at a major intersection in downtown Toronto, the Earls location has a high volume of foot traffic. Greenloc Hoarding was chosen in order to dampen the construction site noise and prevent any dust or debris from reaching the public. Most importantly, the hoarding had to maintain a professional and welcoming appearance to Earls’ customers. To achieve this, vinyl graphics with the Earls corporate branding were applied directly to the smooth surface of the Greenloc panels. The result is a seamless application with a glossy finish which promotes the “business as usual” look.

As with any Greenloc project, safety comes above everything else. The scaffold installation of Greenloc Environmental Hoarding is engineer approved and designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions including snow, wind and extremely cold temperatures.

Upon completion of the Earls project, the Greenloc system was uninstalled and the panels were checked for quality control before being stored and reused in a different project. This is part of Greenloc’s commitment to minimizing landfill waste and increasing the amount of recycled and reused content at the construction site.

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