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Honda Plant Renovation

DeMan Construction Corp.

Alliston, ON




Size: 22 feet high and 75 feet wide

The Greenloc team and Deman Corporation worked together to supply and install the Greenloc system at the Honda Plant in Alliston, Ontario. At 22 feet high and 75 feet wide, the Greenloc structure was safely attached to the roof using Greenloc’s engineer approved roof truss bracket and tapcons to secure it to the floor.

The project had to be carried out in phases in order to avoid disruption of Honda’s production. Moving the hoarding with as little interruption to daily operations as possible was a critical element of the project. This was easily achieved as the Greenloc structure was moved into its new place while reattaching it to the floor and roof with tapcons and roof truss brackets.

Another challenge was that the hoarding had to be set up in a Z-shaped orientation, with two bends, to avoid columns and other obstacles. The modular system was installed to accommodate the specific area, while covering all corners with caps to mask any remaining gaps and achieve a professional look.