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Shaw Court Renovation

Shaw Communications
Calgary, AB




Freestanding interior installation

The Greenloc team partnered up with Shaw Communications and Ledcor to supply hoarding for the renovation of Shaw’s headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta. 500 linear feet of the Greenloc panels were used to enclose three floors of Shaw’s open atrium during renovations.

The 16 feet panels were cut down to 8 feet in order to fit the project’s custom height requirements. The Greenloc system was installed by Midwest Contracting following the Greenloc engineer approved freestanding system. One single door was also installed to provide easy access in and out of the site.
In the case of Shaw’s interior renovation project, the Greenloc panels were not covered in graphics, showing only the white surface of the hoarding to create a clean look during office renovations. Depending on project requirements, the system can be purchased or rented.

"We were excited when we came across the Greenloc system as we regularly find ourselves putting up hoarding for small renovations in our operating workspaces. We are happy to invest in a system that not only looks significantly better then the poly/plywood/drywall hoardings we usually put up, but also something we are going to be able to reuse multiple times. Everything was as promised from the ease of use, to the durability of the surface and components. The Greenloc team was quick to respond; reliable; transparent in their pricing; and clear with their details. Overall the type of Vendor that makes delivering a project easier instead of more difficult.

Patrick Gillis, Marketing MGR, Workplace Construction
Shaw Communications Inc.