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Tim Hortons Renovation at The Atrium on Bay in Toronto

North America General Contractor

595 Bay Street, Toronto




 Roof tie off hoarding, 
approximately 130 linear feet at 11 feet high

Greenloc worked closely with the team at North America General Contractor (NAGC) to supply and install hoarding for their Tim Hortons renovation at The Atrium on Bay – a large retail and office space in downtown Toronto. Located on the lower level of the atrium, the Tim Hortons location is positioned in a high foot traffic area that connects to the atrium’s food court. Therefore, NAGC required a quick construction hoarding solution that would be installed in a short amount of time, with as little disruption to ongoing mall traffic as possible.

The Greenloc team installed 130 linear feet in two phases over the course of two nights. The system was tied off to the roof and one single door was added to provide workers with easy access in and out of the site. Since the construction hoarding was in place for only 12 days, it was essential that the system would be installed and taken down very fast with minimum waste. As a result, traditional drywall was replaced with the Greenloc system which simply “clicks” together without the need for taping, sanding, painting, and other steps that create debris. The Greenloc panels created a clean, professional look to safely enclose the ongoing renovations of the Tim Hortons and provided a secure perimeter for workers to conduct the renovation work. The system was rented for the short duration of the project.


"It was a pleasure working with Greenloc. They were always available when we needed them, they catered to our every need, and the hoarding system was great. We have never seen anything like this, we love the fact that we did not need to waste any materials as all of it is reusable and the system was very quick to install. Overall we are very pleased and look forward to working together in the future.

Simona Nicolescu, Project Coordinator, North America General Contractor Ltd.