August 2021 - GreenLoc Environmental Hoarding Inc.

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Why Should You Consider 3M Graphics for Your Next Construction Hoarding Project

Construction hoarding can be a significant investment for property developers so it’s important to know that vinyl wraps for hoarding graphics are not all created equal. At Greenloc, we use only 3M vinyl for construction hoarding printing because we believe it is the highest-quality vinyl in the industry. Here’s why: Interchangeable Graphics: As construction progresses...

3 easy ways to integrate construction hoarding with digital marketing channels

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, such as construction hoarding, is a form of advertising designed to reach consumers when they are not at home. Platforms include billboards, benches, buses, taxis, posters, and construction hoarding.  A key advantage of OOH advertising is that it’s very hard to miss.  Unlike online advertising, for example, where each advertiser must vie...