September 2021 - GreenLoc Environmental Hoarding Inc.

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3 Industries That Will Benefit From Greenloc Reusable Hoarding

Greenloc is a great choice for any situation that calls for reusable hoarding, but it’s particularly suited to these three industries: construction, retail properties and healthcare. Here’s why: Construction — in our modern world, construction sites are extremely commonplace and most often they are enclosed by plywood hoarding. Unlike Greenloc panels which can be used...

How to Maintain Construction Hoarding Graphics

Construction hoarding graphics are a golden opportunity to promote your development and brand. Whatever the primary goal of your hoarding advertising,  it should also convey that you’re a quality organization that constructs first-rate buildings.  If your hoarding graphics are ripped, missing, or have graffiti all over them, you won’t be sending the right kind of...