3 Industries That Will Benefit From Greenloc Reusable Hoarding

Greenloc is a great choice for any situation that calls for reusable industrial hoarding, but it’s particularly suited to these three industries: construction, retail properties and healthcare.

Here’s why:

    • CONSTRUCTION: In our modern world, construction sites are extremely commonplace and most often they are enclosed by plywood hoarding. Unlike Greenloc panels which can be used repeatedly, plywood hoarding can be used only once. This means many tons of plywood hoarding end up in landfills every year.  As well, graphics can be applied directly to Greenloc panels with no need for extra materials such as alupanel or additional labour to print marketing graphics.
    • COMMERCIAL RETAILERS: Greenloc panels are a better solution for retailers than drywall sheets. First, Greenloc panels are modular which makes them quick to assemble and easy to move from store to store as they undergo renovations. Greenloc hoarding panels can be stored and re-used again and again, which in the long term could significantly reduce the volume of drywall waste that goes to landfills.
    • HEALTHCARE: Greenloc hoarding is especially suited to hospitals as it creates a perfect seal between the construction area and the rest of the building so dust and debris cannot escape. As well, because Greenloc panels are made of PVC they can be easily wiped down and disinfected which is particularly important in this time of COVID-19.

Greenloc Reusable Industrial Hoarding – The Better Choice for the Environment

According to LEED, 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities. This also includes waste produced by plywood and drywall construction hoarding. If your company cares about the environment and strives to make sustainable choices, Greenloc hoarding is worth looking into. However, the benefits of Greenloc don’t stop at the environment. Greenloc displays high-resolution graphics beautifully and vividly and lends itself very nicely to eye-catching 3D graphics. It’s also very strong and durable and, when it does finally reach end-of-life, it can be recycled and made into new Greenloc panels or some other useful item.

For more information about Greenloc hoarding click here.  To connect with the Greenloc team send an email to info@greenloc.ca.