3 Things an Operations Manager Must Know About Indoor Hoarding in Commercial Properties

If you are an Operations Manager in a commercial property such as a shopping mall, you will be familiar with conventional indoor hoarding made from drywall. It’s a common sight in commercial retail properties where it’s used to enclose stores during renovation.

In the last year or so, drywall hoardings have become even more prevalent in malls as many retailers have felt the impact of COVID-19.  Retail spaces have been changing hands more frequently and renovations have been taking place during mall closures.

Here are 3 things an Operations Manager must know about indoor hoarding in commercial properties:

    • MARKETING – Drywall hoarding is a very important marketing piece for the retailer. Advertising graphics are applied during store renovations to capture the attention of shoppers, generate excitement, and communicate dates for the grand opening. Photographs are often used to show shoppers what they can expect to find inside. As well, COVID-19 messaging can be applied to drywall hoarding to indicate the safety measures the tenant is taking to keep its employees and shoppers safe.
    • SAFETY – Drywall is used to enclose the construction area and prevent public access to stores during renovation. Doors are added to allow only authorized personnel to access the site.
    • REUSABLE HOARDING EXISTS! – The problem with drywall is that it cannot be used more than once which means that large amounts of drywall end up in landfills every year. A more environmentally responsible choice is Greenloc. Greenloc is a terrific alternative that can be used repeatedly. Made from recycled plastics, Greenloc can be assembled quickly, stored for future use, and moved from store to store as renovations require. As well, high-resolution graphics can be applied directly to Greenloc eliminating the need for additional steps such as taping, sanding and painting.

Greenloc Reusable Industrial Hoarding – The Better Choice for the Environment

If your company works to limit its environmental footprint, Greenloc hoarding is certainly worth exploring. It is better for the environment than drywall and plywood hoarding, is strong and durable, displays graphics beautifully, and is safe and fast to work with as it simply snaps into place.  For more information about Greenloc hoarding for indoor construction hoarding click here.

To learn how Greenloc can help you with all aspects of your construction printing needs, connect with us at info@greenloc.ca.