4 Simple Steps to Make Construction Hoarding Stand Out

Consider a less common solution such a digital hoardings as construction hoarding is such a common sight in cities that it can be difficult to make your own stand out from the crowd. Added to that are all the other visual distractions of a bustling cityscape that seem to vie for attention. However, these four simple steps will help get your hoardings noticed.

More on stand out solutions such as; hoarding lights, murals or public artwork, integrating 3D signage and additional height beyond the 8 foot standard. 

Here’s how:

OOH Hoarding


USE LIGHTS TO MAKE YOUR GRAPHICS VISIBLE IN THE DARK. Why let your hoarding graphics all but disappear for a large portion of each day, when they could be promoting your message 24/7? As well, by illuminating the surrounding walkway for pedestrians, you can give back to the community. Lighting is a relatively low-cost investment and is a very effective way to grab the attention of those out and about after dark.


INCLUDE PUBLIC ART. Displaying public art on your construction hoarding helps get them noticed and immediately elevates your brand. It shows you care about the visual impact your construction work has on the streetscape and that you want to help beautify the neighbourhood.  It also enables you to support local artists by showcasing their work in a very public way. In Toronto and many other cities across Canada, some by-laws require construction hoardings to include a certain percentage of public art. See here for more about the benefits of incorporating public art into your construction hoardings.


INTEGRATE 3D SIGNAGE. Adding a custom 3D sign can make your messaging stand out and add an extra dimension to your hoarding graphics.  These types of signs can look rather clever and are real attention-grabbers. How often have you caught sight of a 3D sign and taken a second look? To see an example a 3D sign click here.


GO BEYOND THE 8 FOOT STANDARD HEIGHT OF PLYWOOD HOARDING. The industry standard for hoarding is 8 feet tall, but you don’t have to stick with the standard. Greenloc panels allow for custom heights up to 16.5 feet tall. This extra space gives you more options for creativity and the height alone gets your message above the crowd, quite literally! Greenloc panels provide many advantages including being environmentally friendly, light-weight, easy to install, and weather resistant.  For more about Greenloc panels click here.

My Lakeview Village in Mississauga is a good example of how lighting and public art can be used.

Whatever you choose to do to get your hoardings noticed, Greenloc is here to help. Our team of graphic design experts can work with your artwork or create artwork for you. Greenloc specializes in all forms of construction signage printing, so we can be your one-stop-shop for all your construction signage needs.  Connect with us at  905.857.1366 or info@greenloc.ca and we’ll help get you started.