The Importance of Professional Construction Hoarding Visuals

Construction Hoarding Visuals – can be a powerful marketing tool that says a lot about your business. Therefore, are you making full use of it?  Does it create excitement about the development within? Does it look attractive, professional, and well-maintained?

  With such a large visual presence, it’s important that your hoarding always looks its best and showcases your company in the best possible light.

Here are 6 tips for auditing construction hoarding in 2021.


APPEARANCE OF HOARDING VISUALS:  Are the colours bright and vibrant or dull and faded? Is the hoarding dirty? Has it been tagged with graffiti? In addition, do all sections feature some form of graphic such as hoarding advertising or are some areas of plywood left bare?


BRANDING: Does your hoarding display your brand correctly? Sometimes changes to the logo or other component of an organization’s visual identity take time to ripple out to all company assets.  At the very least, is there consistency? For example, is the logo the same on all sections of the hoarding?  Are company messages unified and up-to-date?


CONSTRUCTION HOARDING BY-LAW COMPLIANCE: In many communities across Canada, local by-laws require developers to dedicate a certain percentage of their hoarding to public art. This helps beautify the neighbourhood, promote local talent, and transform what in some cases may be an eye-sore into something unique and interesting. For instance, do your construction hoardings conform to local by-laws? Visit your City’s website to find out or contact us at Greenloc for help.


COVID-19 SIGNS: During the current pandemic it is essential to have proper construction safety signage on your hoardings to advise workers and visitors of the site’s safety rules.  Does your construction hoarding include COVID-19 messaging? Above all, is it up-to-date and in good condition.


CONSTRUCTION HOARDING BY-LAW COMPLIANCE: Missing or broken plywood hoarding panels can pose a safety risk and look bad. Does your hoarding need any repairs or replacements?


HOARDING GRAPHICS TIMELINESS: Do your graphics and written messages convey the latest information? For example, do they accurately reflect the stage of construction, such as  70% sold, or sold out, etc.?

My Lakeview Village in Mississauga is a good example of how well marketing can be used on hoarding.

In conclusion, once your audit is complete, please let us know how we can help.  We’re  experts in hoarding printing  and sign printing and can help ensure your hoardings are by-law compliant and look sharp and professional year-round.  After that, our team of hoarding experts at Greenloc can work with your artwork or create artwork for you so it’s easy to get started. Connect with us at  905.857.1366 or