Brilliant Construction Hoarding Ad Campaigns to Inspire Your Next Project

Hoarding ads on your construction hoarding provides a perfect blank canvas to promote your development and brand, but did you know it can also showcase public art? By incorporating public art into your hoarding you can transform otherwise plain construction hoarding into something beautiful and engaging, and promote local artists at the same time.

If you have not thought about including public art on your hoardings until now, you should know that many Canadian cities, including Toronto, have by-laws that require a certain percentage of construction hoarding to display public art, so be sure to check the by-laws in your location.

Uniquely eye-catching hoarding projects.

Whether it’s through public art or hoarding ads and graphics you created yourself, the beautification of neighbourhoods is always appreciated by those who live and work in them. Here we’ve assembled a few outstanding construction hoarding campaigns to get you thinking about all the creative possibilities:


The Lakeview Village project, Mississauga.

Lakeview Village is a Greenloc client that engaged 19 artists to transform their extensive stretch of outdoor construction hoardings into a stunning collection of artwork.  As well, they planted a million sunflowers on part of the site to encourage the community to get outdoors, and to promote the development. The vibrant hoardings and gorgeous yellow sunflowers created a buzz across both traditional and social media and captured the imagination of thousands who flocked to the site to see it for themselves. Visit The Lakeview Village project website to learn more and watch the video.


The Plant, Toronto.

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The Plant is a mixed-use development in the heart of Queen Street West. As its website says The Plant is  “a place where you can eat what you grow, grow where you live, and create a life filled with good taste”.   Here, hoarding incorporates public art and showcases the sustainability of the project which is founded on “terrace to table” living.  Simple graphic elements in black and white beautifully convey a unique and “green” way of life in the city.  For more information visit here.


Azura Condos, Toronto.

Azura is a luxury condominium development in north Toronto. During its development, 3D graphics were used on the construction hoarding to display a rendering of the finished building.  This eye-catching visual imparts the form and beauty of the development so much more persuasively than a one-dimensional photograph could ever do. For more information visit here.

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