Construction Hoarding Design Tips & Construction Graphics Toronto

With consumers spending most of their time looking down at their smartphones or tablets, it’s important for marketers to know how to grab their attention and how to get them to remember the message conveyed by construction graphics, Toronto!

The main purpose of construction hoarding is to shield the construction work that is happening behind the hoarding from the public. In time, construction hoarding started to double as a billboard for the upcoming project. So then, construction graphics became increasingly important.  Today, with the large number of developments and renovation projects, hoarding is everywhere and has a very positive impact when the design is done correctly.

Our best construction graphic design tips to ensure your message stands out from the crowd.

  1. Construction Graphics, Toronto! – one image is worth a thousand words. — The classic saying could not be more true in the case of construction hoarding design. To avoid clutter, stay away from too much text and use a striking image with bold colors.
  2. Make use of white space. — One of the most important design elements is negative space. Leaving room around your text and image will draw even more attention to the message on your construction hoarding. Do not fill up every inch of the hoarding with text or images because it can lead to a confusing design.
  3. Create a contrasting color scheme. — Choose 2 or 3 colors that complement each other and draw attention to the hoarding. Construction hoarding designs should be filled with vivid colors. Stay away from pastel colors because they can create a washed out effect.
  4. Use a simple call-to-action. — Use a simple website URL or email address that is easy to remember. People don’t have time to write down a phone number or read an entire paragraph. Depending on where your construction hoarding is placed, drivers will only have time to catch a glimpse of the hoarding, so make it easy for them to read your message.
  5. Less is more when it comes to text. — Use under 7 words to convey your message and use a large font with a thick stroke to make the text easy to read. When it comes to text on construction hoarding, keep the message simple and straight to the point.
  6. Put the spotlight on your logo. — Make sure your logo stands out well and doesn’t get obstructed by the background image or by the color scheme. Most importantly, make sure to scale it properly; too big can be too distracting while too small can be easily ignored.
  7. Context is crucial. — When designing the perfect construction hoarding advertisement, ask yourself what is your audience doing when they will pass by it? For example, the message on the construction hoarding from a downtown development will be completely different than the message on shopping mall hoarding. Keep in mind your viewers could be driving past the hoarding in a busy area or if they may be walking by it in an interior environment.
  8. The canvas is also part of the message — In the case of construction hoarding advertisement, your ad might be brilliant but it can have a negative impact on viewers if the hoarding isn’t well maintained. If the construction project will last 2-3 years, it’s very important to keep the hoarding looking new and clean. If the hoarding looks professional, then so will the graphics. The Greenloc panels create a perfectly flat and smooth surface that is ideal for advertising graphics. Read more about North America’s first environmental hoarding here.

Follow the link for more about reusable site hoarding.

It’s important to know that construction hoarding serves as a billboard for the project and therefore conveys a short and quick message about the upcoming construction project. Construction hoarding works well to build brand awareness and is most effective when used in combination with other advertising mediums such as online ads, TV or radio. When creating the perfect construction hoarding design, keeping the layout simple is the best practice. Our formula for success consists of one large image, one headline with less than 7 words, company logo and contact information.

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