Hoarding Installation

Fast Hoarding Installation

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Greenloc reusable PVC panels form a modular system that makes hoarding installation a quick and easy task. The tongue and groove system simply “snaps” together with minimal dust, debris or heavy panels. A perfect seal is created between the construction area and the rest of the building or street. This can be particularly beneficial for worksites in places like a hospital, where noise and airborne particulate are minimized.

The average hoarding installation time it takes to assemble 8’ x 50’ ft. is approximately 2 man hours. The Greenloc wall is engineer approved and perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor hoarding applications. Once your project is complete, the panels easily come apart to be stored until their next use.

Azura Condos
Optional anti-graffiti film can be applied for easy graffiti removal.
We print on the highest quality 3M material to ensure durability.
We have over 40 years of experience in large format printing.
Optional anti-graffiti film can be applied for easy graffiti removal.
We manage production and work with your marketing team or advertising agency.

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Contact us today to discuss a timeline for your hoarding installation. We are able to streamline the task with multiple contractors if necessary. At Greenloc, we take care of the whole process, from concept to installation.

For more information, email us at: info@greenloc.ca or fill in our contact form below and we will get right back to you.

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