Hoarding Storage

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Hoarding Storage

With proper care and hoarding storage, Greenloc panels can last up to ten years.


When you invest in reusable site hoarding panels you will want to take good care of them. Once your project is complete, our hoarding storage procedure will help you eliminate waste and ensure the re-use of as much material as possible.

Hoarding Storage

The ideal process to prepare your reusable panels for hoarding storage looks like this:

  1.  panels are removed and carefully inspected for damage
  2.  custom sizes are sorted and grouped together
  3.  any damaged pieces are sent to be recycled
  4.  graphics/advertisements are removed
  5.  panels are cleaned and disinfected
  6.  panels are stored securely — ready for your next project

The panels are then ready to be stored securely in our clean and dry environment.

By following this closed-loop system with everything either reused or recycled, you can eliminate waste and enjoy your reusable hoarding for years to come.

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