Construction Site Hoarding – Everything You Need to Know!

Construction site hoarding is a common sight in cities and other locations where construction is underway. It is usually a tall, opaque, protective barrier between the construction site and those who pass by it. Below we set out everything you need to know about construction hoarding.

Why is construction site hoarding a necessary part of a construction site?


Safety – Construction sites present many safety hazards so it’s important to protect passersby. Hoarding encloses the site and protects members of the public from dangers such as open pits, falling objects,  and heavy machinery.


Privacy – Hoarding also ensures your construction project is kept private until you are ready to reveal it.


Security – Construction hoarding also helps ensure that no unauthorized parties gain access to the site. Construction equipment can be hugely expensive and hoarding helps to keep it where it’s supposed to be.


Branding and Marketing – Construction hoarding provides a blank canvas for your marketing messages and brand promotion. You can build demand for your condominium or create excitement about your new retail outlet with advertising right on-site. You can even include an element of public art and support local artists.

What is construction site hoarding made of?

Construction site hoarding can be used for outdoor construction sites such as the office buildings and condos that you see being developed on the street, and indoor construction sites, such as new retail outlets inside shopping malls.

For decades, outdoor construction hoarding has been made of plywood and indoor construction hoarding has been made of drywall but, in recent years, there has been a shift towards reusable panels made from recycled PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for both applications.

What are the advantages of re-usable construction site hoarding?

There are many advantages, including:

  1. Reusable hoarding is better for the environment — It can be used multiple times, unlike plywood or drywall hoarding which can be used only once. Disposing of plywood and drywall hoarding is a nuisance and expensive and both usually end up in a landfill. Reusable hoarding such as Greenloc panels, with proper care, can last up to ten years, and when it finally reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled.
  2. Graffiti wipes off reusable hoarding — With PVC reusable hoarding you have the option of a special film that makes getting rid of graffiti a breeze. Removing graffiti from plywood hoarding or can be difficult to impossible and very often the affected sheet will have to be replaced.
  3. Reusable hoarding is faster and easier to install — Reusable hoarding such as Greenloc panels snap together in an instant. This makes them faster and easier to install than drywall and plywood hoarding which saves time and money.
  4. Reusable hoarding is safer to work with — There are no sharp edges or splinters to worry about with reusable hoarding therefore there is less chance of injury and downtime.
  5. You get more space for advertising with reusable hoarding — The standard size for plywood and drywall hoarding is 4 x 8 feet which can restrict marketing opportunities. Although plywood can come in larger sheets they are heavy and difficult for one person to maneuver. Reusable hoarding panels such as Greenloc panels are 16.5 feet tall and can be made taller or shorter to suit the project. Reusable hoarding also enables 3D advertising which can be extremely impactful.
  6. Reusable panels can mitigate noise— Noise from construction sites can result in complaints from local residents and tenants. Plywood hoarding has minimal noise-reduction capabilities, but reusable PVC panels such as Greenloc panels can be fitted with sound-dampening inserts that reduce sound by up to 16.5Db. This can be particularly useful for construction in hospitals and other noise-sensitive settings.
  7. Dust-free installation — Drywall is made from gypsum and notoriously messy to work with. Its dust floats through the air and lands on surfaces. This can be particularly problematic in settings such as hospitals and food preparation areas. Reusable hoarding is a dust-free, cleaner alternative.

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