Extreme Wind Conditions: Does Your Construction Hoarding Hold Up?

Extreme wind can wreak havoc on construction hoarding and put people and property at risk.

Protecting your construction hoarding in wind will be ever more important as extreme weather events become more common.

Construction Hoarding Extreme Winds

Just imagine the harm a 4 x 8ft sheet of plywood hoarding could inflict flying around in a windstorm. Unfortunately, high winds are not uncommon. In the last year, Environment Canada has issued several extreme weather warnings that have included windy episodes across Ontario with gusts reaching 100 kilometres per hour. Flying debris is extremely dangerous so you must ensure your development does not present a safety hazard.

To protect your workers, the public, and the property surrounding your site, you must be certain your hoarding is securely attached to the structure and can withstand strong gusts. Periodical inspections are critical. Be thorough — look for loose hoardings and any damage to hoardings that could impact their ability to stay put, and repair promptly.

Remember, your workers, visitors, and the public have a right to safety around your site. A serious injury caused by an airborne sheet of plywood hoarding could not only hugely impact the individual concerned, but may also lead to litigation and damage to your corporate reputation, which may be very hard to recover from.

In addition to ensuring your plywood hoarding is secure, we also recommend exploring Greenloc hoarding.  Greenloc hoarding has successfully stayed in place during numerous wind storms across multiple sites in the Greater Toronto Area and is also engineer-approved.  For more information about the many other benefits of Greenloc hoarding for outdoor applications click here.

Whatever your construction hoarding in wind needs might be, Greenloc can help — connect with us at: info@greenloc.ca.