Custom LED Crane Signs

Incorporating construction site signs into your hoarding design optimizes your hoarding investment. Signage is a vital component of construction hoarding. Traditionally, it has been available in two materials;  aluminum and Coroplast® both of which have their advantages. While they have served the industry well for years, property developers are increasingly shifting towards a newer and better alternative; signage that can be applied as vinyl directly onto Greenloc reusable PVC panels.

Here’s why; with plywood hoarding, the vinyl that bears the advertising or art must first be applied to “alupanel”, an aluminum composite that is then attached to the plywood panels. This is a lengthy process that takes several trips to the site to complete. This means more site coordination, more material, and more contractors, which contributes to higher costs. When you choose Greenloc hoarding, however, the vinyl can be applied directly to the hoarding panels, so graphics can be installed in just one trip, which saves time and money.

What are Greenloc Panels?

If you are responsible for selecting construction site signs for your construction hoarding, here are a few examples of how you can incorporate construction signage into your hoarding design:

    • site admittance requirements, e.g. where to report upon arrival
    • safety requirements such as the use of hard hats, and COVID-19 prevention requirements
    • hazard warnings
    • developer’s name, logo, contact information, and website
    • the project name and approximate completion date, e.g. Coming this Summer!

Remember, when you are incorporating construction site signs into your hoarding design, you must leave adequate space for it. For example, blank space should be left around gates and other access points to the site.

At Greenloc, we are experts in construction hoarding printing and hoarding advertising. We are very familiar with all aspects of construction signage and can ensure your needs are met. We can work with your artwork or create artwork for you. Just give us a call at 905 857 1366 to get started.