New Choice in Construction Hoarding Material

Construction hoarding made of plywood has served the construction industry well for decades, but in recent years an exciting new recycled PVC hoarding product has entered the market. If you’re considering purchasing plywood hoarding for your construction site, this article sets out what you need to know about Greenloc panels as an alternative.

Launched by Greenloc Environmental Hoarding Inc., an Ontario-based construction company, Greenloc hoarding is quickly changing construction site hoarding practices across North America.

The benefits of Greenloc’s recycled PVC hoarding.


Environmentally friendly – Made from recycled PVC, Greenloc hoarding panels can be reused multiple times which reduces costs and the impact to the environment and, at end of life, they can be recycled. For developers, this means that the project will benefit from an increased amount of reused and recycled material.


Weather-resistant – Greenloc panels are attached to an engineer-approved system that makes them stable during high winds and able to stand up to the harshest aspects of our climate.


Lightweight and safe – Greenloc panels are lighter than plywood and have no sharp edges or splinters, making them less likely to cause injury than plywood hoarding.


Flexible application – Greenloc panels can be used outdoors on scaffolding, jersey barriers, and in the ground. They can also be used for interior applications as an alternative to drywall when temporary walls, such as those in shopping malls, are required.


Easy to install – Installation and dismantling are simple and fast because Greenloc panels simply click together.


A perfect foundation for advertising – This is an area where Greenloc panels shine. They provide the flexibility to go beyond the standard 8ft height of plywood, enabling custom heights to meet every need.  Also, their perfectly flat, smooth surface is ideal for advertising/marketing messages and for displaying community art.  Hoarding graphics can be applied directly to the panels and changed whenever desired, without the need for alupanels, other materials,  or numerous site visits.


Greenloc panels can be made impervious to graffiti – Greenloc panels can be coated with a special film that makes graffiti easily removable with nothing more than a wet squeegee. See more about protecting your hoarding from graffiti vandalism here

What are the advantages of re-usable construction site hoarding?

Follow the link for more about reusable site hoarding.

If you are considering moving to Greenloc panels from plywood hoarding, we can help. Our team of experts can work with your artwork or create artwork for you, and handle all aspects of hoarding printing. We can also get you started on the process for including an element of public art, if you wish.  For more information about Greenloc panels, or anything related to construction signage, connect with a  member of the Greenloc team today at 905.857.1366 or by email at