New Choice in Construction Modular Hoarding Panels Leads in Safety and Sustainability

BOLTON, ONTARIO, CANADA − (April 30, 2018) − Stable in harsh weather, reusable, recyclable with modular hoarding panels – are an attractive addition to city streets, Greenloc Environmental Hoarding, is starting to spring up on construction sites across North America.

Greenloc environmental modular hoarding panels now available for North American job sites.

Greenloc – the official North American dealer

Modular hoarding panels made of PVC plastic were pioneered in Europe and have been used there for more than a decade. Now available in Canada and the United States, they provide an alternative to traditional plywood. The recycled PVC panels can be installed on scaffold, jersey barriers, and in the ground.

Lisa McCallum-Smith is President of Greenloc Environmental Hoarding, based in the Greater Toronto Area. She said there are many reasons to use modular hoarding, with improved safety being the most convincing.

1. Safety first

“Safety is the top priority during any construction project. Protecting the public from debris, dust, and noise deserves the most reliable barrier available. Unlike plywood panels, Greenloc panels are engineered to stay together in high winds. That’s why we’re on a mission to educate decision makers working in construction and municipal government and show them we can do better in our cities.”

Modular Hoarding Panels

2. Strong and stable

Greenloc modular hoarding panels click together to form a heavy-duty barrier. They are stable in temperature swings and strong winds – the joints actually tighten as winds become stronger. The panels have no sharp edges and there’s no threat of splinters.

Daniels Corporation, one of Canada’s leading developers of high rise condominiums in and around Toronto, Ontario, used the Greenloc reusable hoarding system around the Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre in Mississauga. Director of High Rise Construction Steve Langdon said, “The Greenloc system surpassed our expectations in both durability and cost.”

3. Reusable and recyclable

Greenloc hoarding also satisfies the need for environmental responsibility. Panels are made with recycled content, are reusable, and can be ground up, recycled, and turned into new products. “Plywood hoarding makes use of a precious resource and is used only once,” McCallum-Smith said. “It all goes straight to the landfill. That’s a lot of preventable waste.” The reusability of Greenloc panels contributes to their cost effectiveness. They can be purchased and used more than once or rented for one-time use.

Modular Hoarding Panels

4. Blending into the community

Although Greenloc panels look pleasing on their own, most developers and municipalities take advantage of the opportunity to display a blend of marketing graphics and public art.

“Using plywood outdoors requires it to be primed and painted,” McCallum-Smith said. “On top of that, an aluminum panel with the graphics applied is then screwed to the plywood. That means extra weight and tougher installation, as well as an extra trip to the job site.”

Professional hoarding graphics

Greenloc panels provide a flat and clean surface for high definition glossy graphics. The graphics peel off when it’s time to change the marketing message. Installations are not limited to the typical 8-foot height of plywood – Greenloc hoarding can be any height up to 16.5 feet. Soundproofing features and anti-graffiti film are also available.

For interior applications, Greenloc panels are a dust-free alternative to drywall, especially important in food service and healthcare.

The people behind Greenloc have more than 40 years of experience in outdoor advertising and digital printing, including large-scale signage. McCallum-Smith said they brought the product to North America because they believe so strongly in the benefits.

“In Europe, this is the standard for construction hoarding. It’s time to make that happen here.”

Greenloc is online at or phone 905-857-1366.