The Daniels Corporation

An outstanding blend of public art and marketing graphics

Project Details

The Daniels Corporation
Wesley Tower, Mississauga ON
Project Year
Hoarding, 200 feet at 8 feet high

The Greenloc team worked closely with multiple departments from The Daniels Corporation in order to ensure that safety, installation and marketing requirements are fulfilled according to site specific needs.

One of the major challenges of the project was the extreme weather condition. Wesley’s project manager expected very high wind speeds over the course of the project, which was no surprise given that the site is located in Mississauga, one of GTA’s windiest regions. The Greenloc system successfully withstood the test of extreme winds, snow and freezing temperatures. In fact, the crew managed to install the hoarding in temperatures below -26 degrees Celsius/ -14.8 Fahrenheit.

In addition to resisting harsh winter conditions, the Greenloc system also proved itself to perform very well when faced with certain work site accidents. The hoarding was tipped over twice by snowplows which backed up into it but the system’s only damage was a broken panel which was replaced in 10 minutes, with minimum effort and costs. This shows the outstanding performance of the Greenloc system in contrast with plywood hoarding, which could have required the entire frame to be replaced in case of damage.

Located only minutes away from Mississauga City Centre, the Wesley Tower stands at the heart of a vibrant and diverse community. It was important that the Greenloc system would not only act as a barrier from debris and noise, but would also integrate seamlessly in the urban scenery through an outstanding blend of public art and marketing graphics. The Greenloc team worked closely with Wesley’s marketing manager and their advertising agency to ensure a smooth installation of the graphics.