Cloverdale Mall – Retail Hoarding for Renovations

QuadReal was looking for a solution to streamline costs and operations associated with hoarding. The Greenloc team produced large format print advertisements on retail hoarding during renovations at Cloverdale Mall.

Cloverdale Mall – Retail Hoarding for Renovations

The Greenloc team offered an inclusive solution for this by managing the supply, storage and installation of the retail hoarding during this renovation.
Efficiency was increased as the panels were stored for later use at other stores in the mall.

Project Details

People’s Jewellery

For each project, the panels were cut to fit the custom height of the ceiling. At People’s Jewellery, the hoarding was adjusted to fit three different ceiling heights. Single or double doors can be added for easy access in and out of the site.

A & W

Installation can be done overnight to avoid disruption to the mall traffic. At the end of the project, the panels are cleaned, stored and reused at a new project.

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The panels are made out of recycled PVC and are easily attached using clamps and joiners. Unlike traditional drywall, there is no need for taping, sanding or painting. The installation process is clean, easy and simple.


Marketing graphics can be directly applied to the smooth surface of the panels. The PVC panels come in a glossy white finish that looks professional with and without graphics.

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Our goal is to simplify the hoarding process by providing installation, storage, printing and installing of graphics.

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Depending on the scope of the project, the panels can be rented or purchased.