Reduce Noise

Reduce noise with hoarding during hospital renovations can help manage this challenging situation. Living with excessive noise can be stressful for anyone but it’s particularly problematic for patients in hospitals undergoing renovations. Not only does excessive noise impede healing, but in some hospitals, noise levels can be so high that, legally, patients and staff should be provided with ear protection to avoid actual harm.

Evidence of Elevated Noise in Hospitals

One US study  found that average noise levels in hospital wards,  with the constant beeps, PA announcements, conversations, and shuffling of staff coming and going, is close to 95 decibels  —  a whopping  60 decibels higher than the WHO’s recommendations for hearing safety. When the noise of construction is added to the mix it’s understandable that resting, sleeping, and recovering can be a real challenge for patients. In fact, a growing body of medical studies shows excessive noise levels can cause elevated blood pressure, quickened heart rate, and increased metabolism, which can slow recovery rates and lengthen hospital stays. Further, patients are not the only ones affected. Noise can impact caregivers’ concentration, causing stress, fatigue, and even errors, potentially affecting the quality of care.

So what can be done to better manage noise during hospital renovations?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce noise with hoarding is to choose recycled PVC reusable panels over drywall or plywood hoarding.  Greenloc panels, for example, which can be used multiple times, have an optional sound-dampening insert that reduces sound by 16.5 Db. Drywall and plywood hoarding do nothing to limit noise.  PVC hoarding also has the advantage of being dust-free to install, unlike drywall which is extremely messy to work with and a poor choice in a hospital setting.

For more about the benefits provided by Greenloc panels visit here.

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