Custom LED Crane Signs

When it comes to construction, cranes are a necessary part of the process. But they can also be a major visual eyesore, especially for high-rise developments and condominiums. That’s where custom LED crane signs come in. These unique signs can add an extra touch of style and sophistication to any construction project – and they come with a variety of other benefits as well. Here’s a closer look at why you should consider custom LED crane signs for your next construction project.

The Night time visibility & Brand awareness benefits of Custom Crane Signs

Custom Crane Signs offer a number of advantages, especially when it comes to nighttime visibility and brand awareness. With a bright and vibrant display even in low light, they can make sure your project stands out from the competition and catches the eye of everyone driving by. In addition to improved visibility, by having custom graphics, logos, and other visuals, you can create a memorable image that people will associate with your business. This can be especially beneficial if you’re working on a condominium complex or other project where you want to make sure your name is well known.

Multiplex crane-sign in used in the Dockside Whitby project installed by the Greenloc team)

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Custom LED crane signs and their benefits for construction projects

LED crane signs are rapidly becoming the norm for modern construction projects, offering a number of key benefits for contractors and stakeholders. Before the advent of LED signs, placing beacons at elevated construction sites was often time-consuming; civil engineering teams would have to manually hoist signal beacons via rope and pulley systems, an inefficient process that added significant cost and operational delays.

With custom LED crane signs, however, civil engineering teams can quickly set up visible warning signals from as high as 60 feet in the air with minimal manpower. Additionally, these warning lights provide significantly greater visibility and range than their rope-hoisted counterparts. As advances in technology continue to shape the industry standard for safety requirements, custom LED crane signs have become increasingly indispensable components of construction projects across the world.

How LED signs can be used to increase safety on construction sites

Using LED signs on construction sites is an important way to improve safety conditions for workers. Tower crane signs are an especially effective way of alerting personnel when these tall structures are in operation since their size makes them difficult to detect from a distance. LED signs offer clear visibility to all on-site and can be used in unison with other warning systems such as flashing lights or sirens. This additional layer of safety helps ensure everyone is well aware of potential danger from moving machinery, hazardous areas or restricted access zones. Utilizing LED signage gives workers peace of mind while they work and ensures that the job site operates safely and effectively.

Custom LED Crane sign with mesh Banner for EMBLEM

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LED signs can help to reduce the cost of a construction project

By utilizing LED signs, construction projects can control costs without sacrificing quality. LEDs are incredibly efficient, lasting up to 60 times longer than traditional lighting and reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent. In addition, their reliable performance means that fewer hours need to be spent on maintenance and repair tasks compared to alternative sources of illumination. If a construction project requires signage, LEDs are the most cost-effective solution that still allows for professional results. Switching from another form of lighting to LED technology is a surefire way to lower operational expenditures while still delivering high-quality results.

At Greenloc, we also provide extensive warranties & year-long storage opportunities for when your crane signs aren’t being actively used which also saves you money on storage as you transition from project to project.

Examples of successful construction projects that have used custom crane signs

A few noteworthy construction projects that successfully incorporated custom LED crane signs within the GTA are the 3450 Dufferin Street project (joint venture with Hazelview properties & Fitzrovia), and Tricon Residential, Multiplex, and Collecdev crane signs in Toronto. To see even more successful crane sign projects, please check out only a sample of our portfolio here

Each project was able to take full advantage of all the benefits custom LED crane signs have to offer, making them more efficient and cost-effective while still maintaining high-quality standards.


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