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Construction hoarding is a type of temporary fencing or barricade that is often used to secure the area around a construction site. It is usually made of plywood or other materials that can be quickly erected and provides a barrier between the public and the worksite.

At Greenloc, our construction hoarding panels are made out of 100% recycled plastics and provide better real estate to make high-quality marketing graphics shine. In addition, Greenloc hoarding panels are reusable and come with extensive long-term warranties, so you’re also saving on costs while you’re helping reduce landfill waste that traditional plywood hoarding contributes toward.

The benefits of marketing graphics on your hoarding

Construction hoarding not only creates a barrier between the public and your worksite but also acts as an advertising platform. Hoarding can also be used to showcase your branding, generate publicity, or as part of a larger marketing campaign for your business.

Your hoarding can also be customized with graphics to suit any purpose, from informing the people about what is happening on the construction site to displaying promotional messages and slogans. Construction hoarding is also a great way to engage with your customers, by creating an interactive experience that allows people to get involved in what’s going on at your worksite.

By adding graphics to your construction hoarding, you are giving people the opportunity to learn more about your business and services, and here at Greenloc we’re your one-stop shop for both your construction hoarding & marketing graphic needs- unlike most services, we can seamlessly coordinate with the construction project managers to install and apply marketing graphics to your purchased or rented panels in one step.

Construction hoarding is a type of temporary fencing.

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Why you should use recycled plastics in your hoarding

The use of recycled plastics for construction hoarding has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its many benefits. Construction hoarding made from recyclable materials is cost-effective, sustainable, and safe.

 Hoarding made of recycled plastics provides a number of advantages over traditional plywood hoarding. Firstly, it is much more durable and long-lasting than plywood. It is also considerably lighter in weight, which means it can be moved around easier and faster. Construction hoarding made from recycled plastics is also waterproof, which means it won’t rot or corrode like plywood. Moreover, these products are also non-toxic and fire-resistant. Greenloc hoarding panels come with a long-term warranty of up to 10 years, which is proof that they are built to last. In addition to its many benefits, construction hoarding made from recycled plastics also helps to reduce landfill waste. By using recycled products, you are helping to create a more sustainable society and reduce pollution.

The future of construction hoarding

Construction hoarding has come a long way from traditional plywood hoarding, with more sustainable options being developed and used and is continuing to evolve as new materials are being discovered and technology advances .Hoarding can now also be digitally printed in full-color HD graphics, allowing for greater impact and engagement with the public as well as becoming more modular allowing for easier installation and storage of materials.

 In conclusion, construction hoarding continues to be a vital tool in securing the safety of both workers and the public while working on construction sites. Greenloc is proud to say that they remain leaders in developing even more innovative and environmentally friendly construction hoarding solutions.

At Greenloc, we are experts in construction hoarding printing and hoarding advertising. We are very familiar with all aspects of construction signage and can ensure your needs are met. We can work with your artwork or create artwork for you. Just give us a call at 905-857 -1366 or contact us here to get started.