Two Brilliant Crane Marketing Examples: LED Crane
Signs and Crane Mesh Banners

Looking for crane marketing examples to inspire your next project? We have two brilliant ones for you, including crane mesh banners and a LED illuminated logo crane sign!

Construction cranes are uniquely eye-catching.

Crane mesh banners and signs provide an unparalleled opportunity for outdoor advertising by using a highly visible crane. They can be seen both day and night for miles around. With a little creativity, you can transform your crane — an otherwise utilitarian aspect of your construction project  —  into an impactful and cost-effective marketing medium.


CollecDev of Toronto, Ontario:

Here we see the results of combining two types of crane signage; crane mesh banners and LED channel letters to garner attention 24 hours a day. In daylight, large mesh banners covering the full width of the crane on all sides, create optimal impact.

Once it’s dark, powerful LED lights display the CollecDev name amidst the night sky and serve as a beacon for the project.


Menkes Developments Ltd. of North York, Ontario:

Here we see a simple yet impactful use of the company’s logo in a large LED display, easily visible during the day and at night.

We are specialists using channel lettering to create an illuminated version of your logo or project.

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If you are contemplating crane advertising, Greenloc can help you. We specialize in the design and printing of construction signage including all types of crane mesh banners and crane signs. We are easy to work with and experts in our field so you can feel confident that the job will be done right.  Give us a call at 905-857-1366 to get started.