What is the Difference Between Indoor Drywall Hoarding and Reusable Hoarding?

Drywall hoarding is a common sight in shopping malls and other public spaces where construction is underway in part of the building.  Until recently, indoor drywall hoarding has been the only option for this type of hoarding, but now you have a choice.  Greenloc panels are an exciting, relatively new solution that is better than drywall in many ways.

Here we explain the difference between indoor drywall hoarding and reusable hoarding:

Indoor Drywall Hoarding for Retail


HYGIENCE AND SAFETY – Drywall is notoriously dusty which makes installing it a messy process with large amounts of dust circulating in the air and left to clean up. Greenloc panels are made from recycled PVC and can be installed with minimal to no dust. They are quick and easy to install as they simply snap together. This cleaner type of product is safer than drywall for use in hospitals and in food preparation environments.


EASY GRAPHICS – Unlike indoor drywall hoarding, Greenloc panels do not need to be painted prior to applying graphics. The vinyl for advertising and other messages can be easily applied directly to the panels and can be quickly peeled off at the end of the project, enabling the panels to be reused


AVERAGE INSTALL SQ FT/ HOUR – The average installation for the Greenloc panels is 200 sq ft per hour per person. This makes Greenloc panels the clear winner for ease of installation compared to drywall which requires more time and more people.


SOUND DAMPENING OPTION – Traditional drywall hoarding has no sound dampening properties, which may result in complaints from surrounding tenants. Greenloc panels have an optional soundproofing insert that reduces noise from inside the site by 16.5 Db. Being a considerate tenant during construction should reflect favourably on your brand.


MULTIPLE USE – Traditional drywall hoarding can be used only once before it  ends up in a landfill. Disposing of drywall is costly and time-consuming. Greenloc panels can be reused multiple times and have about a ten-year life span with proper care. At the end of their life they can be recycled, which is much better for the environment.


CUSTOM SIZES – Greenloc panels reach 16.5 feet and their length can be customized taller or shorter to meet the needs of the project.  Corners or angles are no problem with Greenloc panels as they can be sized to fit exactly.

For more about indoor reusable hoarding visit this page.

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