What is the Difference Between Plywood / Ply Hoarding and Reusable Hoarding?

When it comes to construction hoarding you have a choice of materials; either plywood / ply hoarding or reusable hoarding, but what is the difference between ply hoarding and reusable hoarding?.

Here we set out what you need to know:

ply hoarding vs reusable hoarding
Ply Hoarding vs Reusable Hoarding


COST – Installing ply hoarding requires long hours of costly labour and expensive materials. Greenloc hoarding panels are quicker to install because they simply snap together. On average, one person can install 200 square feet of Greenloc panels per hour which is considerably faster and less labour-intensive than installing ply hoarding. As well, repairing Greenloc panels after an accident is not as costly as repairing plywood hoarding. Another consideration impacting cost is the huge fluctuation in lumber prices over the last couple of years, largely due to the pandemic. With Greenloc reusable hoarding,  you can feel more confident that your budget can be adhered to. Click here, on lumber prices for more information


SOUND DAMPENING OPTION – Any form of construction can have an impact on the neighbourhood with noise being a common irritant for residents. Traditional plywood hoarding has no sound dampening properties, which can result in complaints. Greenloc hoarding can be equipped with optional soundproof panels which decrease noise coming from inside the construction site by 16.5 Db. This can help maintain good relations with the local community and reflect positively on your brand.


ANTI-GRAPPITI FILM OPTION – Construction hoarding is a key target for graffiti. Removing graffiti from plywood hoarding is usually a lengthy and expensive process. With the Greenloc optional Anti-Graffiti film, graffiti can be easily wiped off with nothing more than a squeegee and water!


DOUBLE THE ADVERTISING SPACE – Construction hoarding provides a perfect foundation for advertising but with plywood hoarding your creativity is restricted to just 8 feet in height. The Greenloc panels reach 16.5 feet and they can be customized for multiple heights and to enable 3D advertising for even greater impact.


MULTIPLE USE – Traditional ply hoarding can be used only once before it ends up in a landfill. Disposing of it is costly and time-consuming. Greenloc panels can be reused at multiple sites before finally being recycled, which is much better for the environment.

For more about indoor reusable hoarding visit this page.

Now that you know the difference between ply hoarding and reusable hoarding, it’s easy to see that there are good reasons to choose Greenloc hoarding over plywood. If you are concerned about graffiti, noise reduction, creative restrictions, costs, or reducing your environmental footprint, Greenloc is your best option.  For more about reusable hoarding visit our outdoor construction hoarding page.

At Greenloc, we’re experts in printed hoarding. We can work with your artwork or create artwork for you so it’s easy to get started.  Connect with us at info@greenloc.ca.