Why Should You Consider 3M Graphics for Your Next Construction Hoarding Project

Vinyl Wraps for hoarding graphics are not all created equal. Knowing the difference will save construction costs with less time and expense needed for maintenance.

Construction hoarding can be a significant investment for property developers so it’s important to know that vinyl wraps for hoarding graphics are not all created equal. At Greenloc, we use only 3M vinyl for construction hoarding printing because we believe it is the highest-quality vinyl in the industry.

Here’s why:

    • INTERCHANGEABLE GRAPHICS – As construction progresses you may want to update your hoarding graphics to reflect the development’s current status. Unlike some types of wrap, 3M vinyl is quick and easy to remove from plywood hoarding and so graphics can be replaced frequently without spoiling the surface of your hoarding.
    • LEAVES GREENLOC HOARDING PANELS LOOKING PRISTINE – If you use 3M vinyl on Greenloc hoarding panels, it’s even easier to remove and will leave your Greenloc panels looking brand new and perfectly re-usable.
    • WEATHER RESISTANT – 3M vinyl’s superior technology is resilient to extreme heat and cold which means it retains its colour better over time than other types of wrap. With 3M vinyl, you won’t have the inconvenience and expense of replacing hoarding graphics as often as you might with other types of wrap.

3M Vinyl Wraps for Hoarding Graphics – The Better Choice for Hoarding Printing

Greenloc specializes in construction hoarding and makes the process from design to delivery of your finished products quick and easy. Whatever your construction hoarding needs we can help, and no job is too large or too small. Our in-house team of graphic artists can work with your artwork or create it for you. Whether you require hoarding graphics, indoor or outdoor hoarding we’ve got you covered.

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