Construction Hoarding Maintenance

Construction hoarding maintenance is vital to the safety and security of your site so it’s important to maintain it properly throughout the year.

Here’s what we suggest you pay close attention to for construction hoarding maintenance during the winter months:

These suggestions will help to ensure the panels will be in good shape for storage and reuse with other projects.

    • Snow and Salt Damage: Check your hoardings for snow build-up and salt damage which are most likely to occur when hoarding is situated directly on the street. We recommend you inspect your hoardings at least weekly and more often during periods of heavy snow and slush. Site instructions and advertising graphics can be damaged during periods of bad weather. Make sure all construction safety signage is attached and legible and that your hoarding advertising graphics are in good condition. Remember, your construction hoardings are a highly visible component of your construction site and reflect your brand.
    • Wind Damage: High winds can damage plywood hoarding panels and impact their stability. This can be a safety hazard for site workers, site visitors, and passersby. Inspect your hoardings after stretches of high winds. Ensure panels are not damaged and the system is still mounted safely in-ground or attached securely to the scaffold structure.

Greenloc can help with all aspects of construction hoarding maintenance from graphics to installation and much more. Our team of experts can work with your artwork or create artwork for you.  If you’re not sure what you need, Greenloc can guide you. Connect with us today at 905 857-1366 or to get started.